Social Media Pontificating- Exasperating

And I am not talking about 12-12-12, at least not exactly. I just spent like 20 minutes following an FB thread vehemently arguing about love. I will repeat that. A bunch of really well educated and eloquent people were having an argument about what love can or cannot do and it was getting snippy. Arguing on line is so tempting, and I am beginning to notice how self congratulatory it looks like to an uninvolved reader. It unfortunately turns you off from possibly a very informative debate. It is seldom a good idea to start one by baiting someone  by mentioning or highlighting their name knowing they have another point of view. Unless you are looking for on-line traffic. Then you are using your understanding of a subject such as love for self satisfying competitive impulses.

Which kind of turns off  some initially interested readers/subscribers.

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