Violence Nearby

At the same time I was getting another excellent private practice session today because nobody else seems to realize how civilized an 11 AM practice time feels like, there was a massacre taking place just a few miles up the road. Two human beings with easy access to guns, lost their minds and murdered other peoples’ little children. I am the type of person who infuriates people like my dad by feeling sorry for the insane out of his mind (it is always a he, sorry) person who commits such a horror. Today as a mother and as a teacher, I am furious, enraged and impatient with our cowardice as a nation. We need to stop making so much money out of gun sales, and diversify a little don’t you think? I f you don’t happen to know or don’t want to admit it, Guns are our main source of income as a nation. there. I said it.

4 thoughts on “Violence Nearby

  1. I also feel like the ones committing such horrific crimes are deeply troubled souls who have been suffering tremendously and have been craving for help for many years but never got the aid they needed due to their inability to communicate their troubles to others. I hate it when people just call them “evil” and that’s that, as if these shooters have been happily scheming for the shootings for some simple profitable gains.

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