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NYT Article by Jeff Warren

December 17, 2012 by Daniel Ingram

Hey, if you saw this article in the Opinionator in the NYT, this post is for you.

First: Jeff is a heck of a brave guy to come down here and brave the sweaty wilds of his mind and Alabama in the summertime, away from the comfort of his polar bears and igloos in the Frozen North. 😉

Second: Thanks to him for his writing about his experiences. I must say, his crawling around on the floor like a spider on anabolic steroids was truly priceless, as were his very strong and heartfelt attempts at the high end of insight practice.

It was great getting to know him and watching him engage in the classic struggle to be ok and really directly clear, right here and right now. Sounds so easy until you try it, and then try it again hour after hour after hour, particularly in the company of one such as myself, and then you will likely see why not everyone is doing this, as it generally is strangely vexing, as he and so many others have found, and yet so rewarding in its way also, as he mentions.

I have no idea what to do with this sort of press at this point except to refer people elsewhere, as I am up to my balding pate in work, work, and work, and so have little time for any of it at the moment, but wish you a great journey into sensate clarity and wisdom, which is the most rewarding and interesting journey of them all. The resources and supports for this are nearly endless these days, with zillions of books, many great places to practice, a new proliferation of strong practitioners, remarkable online dharma communities, an opening of the previously closed culture surrounding high-end practice, etc.

In case you for some reason wanted to give this a try, there are many fine Houses of Insight, such as IMS, Spirit RockTathagataBhavana SocietyShinzen Young, Kenneth Folk, Vince HornGoenka, etc. where you may give it a go.

Best of luck in your quest, and be sure to check out Jeff’s very interesting book Head Trip, as it is a remarkable book by a remarkable man,


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