26 thoughts on “Crack!

    • Yeah, I had already decided that coffee is on me for the rest of this season. There was an MD practicing next to me (ruined his practice as well) after checking her, he shared how he hit a woman square in the face with both feet after jumping back in the crowded Mysore shala. So hard, she fell on her back. It’s on film.

      • Now I’m really curious. Did this happen during a Mysore class? What posture in primary would require you to kick up into a handstand? I know this is totally not important and probably beside the point, but I’m curious nonetheless…

      • HEADSTAND Nobel. Once I’m up I can hang out for quite a long time un aided. What I cannot do is get up there without “impulse”. A couple of very kind teachers tend to quietly sneak up behind me so I have no time to fret, and gently tap my hipbones and up I go. Not today. And yes, It happened 10 AM Sunday Mysore practice.

  1. Bummer. Casualties of practice! If it makes you feel better, I’m pretty sure Nancy Gilgoff kicked out one of Pattbhi Jois’s teeth in a headstand once. So, you’re in good company (and, by extension, so is the person who got their nose broken.)

      • I think it’s more common than we realize – I know another Ashtanga teacher who had a tooth kicked out, too, assisting someone in headstand. So, I always say gently but firmly, “Don’t kick up – I like my teeth!” when I assist someone in it. 🙂

        (Worse injury I “heard” in an Ashtanga class – a new student next to me, inadvisably in a Led Primary, who jumped back, and managed to break her toe and also rip the nail off the nail bed. Blood everywhere. Such a resounding “Crack” that the whole class just stopped. We all knew it was not good. Luckily,there was a podiatrist on the first floor of the same building – we carried her downstairs to get treated. She never returned to class again, poor thing, alas.)

  2. Sorry to hear this but it happens. Two years ago, teacher gave me adjustment in prasarita C. She was behind me trying to pull my arms down. My fingers slipped and I hit her straight in the head. Ouch it was painful.

    • I guess this sort of thing happens when the teacher is outside your range of vision? Sigh. To make things worse her next class had like 30 students which she had to give up to someone else to teach, that’s probably income lost.

  3. wait. you broke your teachers nose??? OMG. I once grabbed my previous teachers ‘wedding tackle’ in some pose I have blocked from my mind. Embarrassing but not injurious because I instantly realized what I had and recoiled. Toe breakage is common. Kicking teacher in the face when getting into HANDstand also pretty normal.

    Poor poor Maria.

    • Child, what a lousy day! I broke the nose of one of the teachers. The one who brought me to the shala from the Y. Yeah everybody thinks it was Handstand but no, just most people can do it headstand…I’m really hating waking up and heading there tomorrow. Gonna watch some more Portlandia tonight.

  4. Maria- tomorrow when you go to the studio maybe you could bring some flowers-they will say more than the words you will want to express. Sorry for your lousy morning…

    • I’m going to go with a coffee gift card that will last her a really long time along with some home baked goodies. I’m not sure if she will be there tomorrow though.

  5. It happens more often than you think. I’ve headbutted a teacher, kicked another one in the balls, kicked a fellow teacher trainee so hard she slammed a wall and slid down it like a cartoon character…Guruji lost a few teeth from assisting people in Karandavasana, and a friend of mine once slapped me quite hard while coming up from a backbend.

      • Did I mention she also happens to be my massage therapist? I left a filled to the rim coffee gift card on top of her table today. Today was a knees together, slow ascent kind of day thank goodness.

    • OMG. I’m sorry but this response made me laugh! I myself have been kicked in the face while assisting a Karanda. I guess it’s a job hazard. Still I can imagine it’s impossible not to feel really bad about injuring the teacher.

      • Just one sentence- My second most popular post of all time. We all love a non-fatal wreck! No Karanda assists from you until you get some insurance.

      • That pose used to be harder to assist than to do, though I don’t know anymore since I haven’t practiced 2nd since Miami (apparently) was ruinous to my lower back. I am pressing them on the insurance! Because I can pretty much guarantee that if I don’t, I won’t have coverage until SIX months post start date, the way things go around here.


  6. omg, sorry Maria! Just de-lurking to console and say chin up… I’ve been reading you for a while and I’m sure you’re too lovely and sweet, and that your baking is too gorgeous for anyone to hold out against a full pardon. 😉 That kick-up headstand is a classic. You’re certainly already forgiven, and your teacher has a coffee gift card and street cred! 🙂

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