Brain Treason

The human brain is a hoodlum. I stopped to chat with a friend for a few minutes after practice. She is telling me that she has been following my suggestion of no wheat no dairy and is doing well, feeling great. I start going on and on about how it gets easier with time, that you still miss it but not enough like in the beginning when you feel compelled and unashamed to steal bread or a chunk of something from a child or a loved one. We say our goodbyes and I get home to read some news & surf around online. About half an hour ago I decide I’m going to have brunch today because I’m suddenly starving. I start chopping radishes, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, scallions, a mountain of arugula, when I remember that we have a chunk of fancy roquefort left over from thanksgiving. I cannot stop thinking about it till I crumble it all on top of my salad. I am consoling myself by repeating what I said to S earlier. I told her that if she had an urge,, to try and have a sheep’s or a goat’s milk cheese to avoid cow. I had not thought of cheese since early October, then I realize that I read the NYT review of Murray’s Cheese restaurant, aside from having evangelized about the virtues of dairy free this morning. That’s what I call a mind highjacking!

4 thoughts on “Brain Treason

  1. Pavlovian response, totally normal, don’t fret!! I’m cutting down on meat and alcohol this year as well, I expect to have a fair share of ‘mind highjackings’ to deal with….

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