Morning Habits

I lost track of where I was reading a shared discussion of morning routines and whether or not to partake of social media in the early morning. I looked in Claudia’s blog, and Grimmly’s blog without results. maybe the topic was about something else and it was in the comments where the morning routine topic took over. Anyway, it did stick with me that Grimm makes time to make lunch for his beloved. For those of us with a morning practice, what we choose to do with that limited time before the rest of the world starts barreling in is very telling. I know people who use their phone as an alarm clock and click to their email/twitter feed or facebook page while still lying down. My rejoining those already up and about goes like this:

6:30 AM (sometimes before if my Jawbone Up senses I’m in light sleep) wake up & shower.

6:45-7:20 AM make coffee drink it, read inspirational quote for the day, in order to feel authorized to indulge in the news headlines, email, and fb updates.

7:30  AM Drive to the shala.

8:00 to 9:15-9:30 Mysore practice.

9:45-!0:00 AM Second cup of coffee, re-indulge in news headlines, social media, blogs.

I guess the only difference is I do not check  social media while lying down. 😀

10 thoughts on “Morning Habits

  1. Am one of the smartphone as alarm clock people and therefore totally guilty of checking social media while lying down. Recently though I’m working to change that and making a conscious effort to resist the habit before practice, to conserve energy. Let’s see how long I can keep it up!

    • I’d be in the same boat if my phone was my alarm. At least you do wake up instead of hitting the snooze button. Posting and reading about this reminds me of a novel I read a couple of years ago called Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. Disturbingly prophetic.

  2. yeah, I have a problem in this department, although I do get up before checking my emails etc. Then I take the doggie out, make tea, and read the depressing news. Not so good. My OCD with my iPhone needs an intervention, but I can assure you I never text, tweet, or read when eating/drinking with someone! I loathe that.

    • Yes, I now count sitting up and standing before checking phone a virtue, hahaha! You have just made me realize that I usually only have one meal a day with other humans. I do have the habit of silencing my phone at restaurants & other dinning invitations/gatherings, and I don’t even bring it inside the shala. the rest of the day I am a cyborg.

  3. on work-nights especially, my morning routine starts the night before- deciding what to wear the next day- as in work and yoga clothes, getting my lunch and assorted snacks together (the healthy food options down by wall st suck!). i have discovered that i am incapable of making any sort of decision at 6am, so everything must be ready to go and sitting out for me to grab. i still check email/fb, weather and train status in the morning. i can’t even remember what it was like when my day didn’t start with that..sad, yes.

    • I know! I have to think very hard to find concrete examples of how my life was before smartphones. And yes, that be spontaneous vibe is for people who don’t have to catch a train, and stop by the house later if they forgot something. Living sanely does start the night before.

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