12 thoughts on “First World Problems

    • I confess to owning more than one edition/commentary. Chip Hartranft’s hurt my head. and Gregor Maehle’s and Swami Satchitananda’s didn’t. I am a pretty huge fan of Matthew Remski’s prose/poetry though. After all that, can I remember more than parts of the first four sutras plus sthira sukham asanam? Nope.

      • I think we have every translation/commentary written in English in the house and um, I have yet to get all the way through, let alone open, them.

  1. LOL…I know…I could never remember much either but I figure it’s all just like asana practice. Keep doing it until death:)

  2. I already have two Sutra versions, but I’m excited about this one. I happen to really LIKE the cover too! Funny that I didn’t for a second register it as feminine. Maybe that’s because I’ve been to India? I don’t know! I should have my copy by about February 5th, Amazon tells me.

    • I think it is exactly because you have had a fling(s) with India. I was stopped once on the street when I was like 12 years old by a lady that proceeded to me that my pink top did not match my orange bell bottoms, in a tone like she was doing me a favor. I was embarrassed for a long time. These days I make sure I always have something orange (my patagonia winter jacket) or AND Magenta (my scarf). I also have a Hermes silk scarf (inherited from my mom) with orange tigers and pink elephants.

      • That lady was clueless. The socks and panties industries have LONG paired pinks & oranges. I mean, duh! 

        Anyway, ya, the most uncreative people EVER (my best friend’s brother who got dragged to India kicking & scream with an ex girlfriend) comment on the explosive nature of color in India. It’s really something. I’m going to miss shopping there for sure.


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