I know many people think that education and entertainment are two different venues. But I say ask any school kid or any gym rat who keeps them coming back to class and they’ll answer that is the person that does the three Es(that’s Tom Hanks- Tim said don’t steal people’s quotes) which are educate entertain enlighten. David and Shelley do that in spades. What an effective, warm and caring team. They come prepared and they cover the room and they have a system that makes you feel that your money was well spent. Plus they make you feel special. I don’t think that is a gimmick. I think that is a. Generous skill that only master teachers develop.

Another whiny caveat today: Preface- when I think of how many of the people that mean a lot to me are professional photographers, I am perplexed my the high count. I understand what the job entails, and how complicated it can be to be unobtrusive. It is a problem for the practitioner to have a photographer in the room stepping on mats, lowering and lifting window screens to adjust light and hearing that shutter sound close by when you are trying to go inward. I understand the need to publicize but it is an annoyance. End of whine.
Lectures and panels later this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Mastery

  1. What great updates! I love reading yours because they express true emotions, not just reportage. I know a music conductor who has this same mastery. He somehow makes every person he meets feel as if they were the most special person on the planet. And he is quite sincere too. Because in a way, he’s right. Each person is a most special person, the mastery is being able to see it. Mr Swenson is high on my list of people to meet, let alone take class with… Welcome home! I hope your family is OK too. xoxo

    • Thanks Laura, My 88 year old aunt took a bad fall down the stairs of MOMA The night before Mag got married. We found out the next morning en route to city hall that she had a cracked head and a broken clavicle and was at Bellevue. She finally regained consciousness today, so a lot of tubes came out. Crazy last few days. David is a laugh out loud pleasure.

      • Wha! I worry about that all the time with my 86 year old Mother-in-law… Gawd, at MOMA too. Poor thing.

  2. I second Stephanie’s review of your postings on the AYC and also sorry to hear about your auntie. Did they talk about doing it all again next year? I hope so…and might be able to swing it then 🙂 I’ve heard David is great…would love to experience a class with him and any of those other amazing teachers you got to be with. Very cool!

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