Taking Refuge

The best part of going to AYC this year was getting a taste of what that concept of taking refuge means. Many Buddhists chant:  While on the path to enlightenment, I go to refuge to the Buddha, I go to refuge to the Dharma, I go to refuge to the sangha. AYC was my sangha, The teacher’s sharing of their memories and knowledge was my dharma, and the Buddha like everybody knows is everywhere. When I needed it the most, I took refuge in my practice, and it embraced and sheltered my like the most tender grandmother. I figured this out while sharing a little bit of what went on this weekend with my fellow shala mates. I left for San Diego in the middle of crazy time, and the only option on how not to think obsessively about what could go wrong was to go inward and think of nothing else but the practice session. I always wondered if I was going to ever experience going inward during an entire practice. Nothing like a sh*t storm to make your wishes come true. I even had a little bit of fairy dust left for today’s 1/2 primary, even with the tightest back ever, courtesy of  cramped air travel. Nice to be home. Next weekend- now don’t hate me- Tim Feldman at The Yoga Shala in Georgetown CT. There are still some openings for the whole workshop or for just one session if that is what works for you.

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