Yesterday being the moon day, I did not get around to taking a shower until after lounging around till much later than usual. So it is then that I notice that the purple welts from trying harder to twist and bind are really big this time. No big deal, I’ve let them shine before. What is very new (prepare yourself for TMI) is the bright red rash covering my armpits from pushing my knees into them trying to hold Bakasana during Tim Feldmann’s afternoon workshop. I give Bakasana a shot right after Utkatasana with varying results, but after this workshop I think it will be less shoddy. But not today. I will start a self practice in a few minutes because it looks even worse after shaving, and god knows I’m not vain, but it looks pretty gross for public arm raising.

2 thoughts on “Shy

  1. Oh Honey, I had to practice in public last fall with the grossest case of poison ivy on my ankle. It was worse to cover it so at first I just let it hang out and then graduated to a large bandaid that would fall off the second I got sweaty. Hung around forever. Oh and jealous of bakasana!

  2. Oh, today it was face plant, which I much prefer to ass plant, because forward is better. I cannot even imagine jumping back from there like I see some amazons do. If tomorrow pits are not better I’ll just wear a t shirt like the guys,right?

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