Delighted when it did not snow this morning, although I know why. Last night I decided to tape a huge heavy duty garbage bag over the front window of my go cart to see if I could just lift that & the snow instead of stealing my husband’s ice scraper. It is just like with umbrellas, you carry one as a precaution and it doesn’t rain! I also had a very satisfying practice, and by that I mean, I practiced presence and focus successfully even though there were athletic newbies (men!) in the room today. My primary is finally  becoming meditative and sometimes it worries me to hear that staying too long in primary might cause injury. I really don’t mind just not going past the first series, while exploring intermediate twice a month with the guidance of my teacher’s led “explorations” just so I don’t feel like I’m a dodger. There are so many things I could improve upon while feeling stable and at home (most of the time).  For the first time in my life I do not feel panic about not getting somewhere on time. I guess that is what teacher meant when she said we are never done when I first met her. What that meant is that the joint never closes and the offers never expire.

4 thoughts on “HA!!

    • Good, because by the time I finally lift entirely from UD, dropping back is not going to sound remotely advisable. The words in your post today were beautiful by the way. And do you still have that top? I like that top.

  1. I’m the sandwich generation, or something like that. Kids need help, parents need help. There was a lovely piece in the NYT about taking care of old relatives. Did you read? And how is your… Aunt? I think it was your Aunt who fell. I hope she’s OK.

    And nope. That top had to be retired for sanitary reasons. Too much ashtanga. So did the pants which were favorites.

    • I think I glanced at it but did not read. She gets out today. I’m sure the nurses are going to go to happy hour after work to celebrate! She healed nicely, but she has a difficult personality. sort of stuck in pre adolescence and she is 88, so not gonna change and not fair to ask her to. 🙂

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