Flexible Kindness

My sinuses have announced the official arrival of spring. After an early morning session with the neti pot, I decided to try led at 10:30.  I arrived a little earlier to wish teacher a happy bday, and I mentioned to J that I might have to skip some forward bends and or inversions because my face was hurting. She kindly suggested that I pick a spot in the back and do as much as I could mysore style while she conducted her led class. So gracious! I made it to Utkatasana and started seeing stars. I laid there with my clothes over my face for a really long time. enough time to realize that it is not only spring that effed me up but the fact that I ate most of this:

magic-cake-1-8(image taken from jocooks.com) yesterday and lets just say I complicated my digestive process. I’m glad I tested the recipe. Delicious but lethal.

8 thoughts on “Flexible Kindness

    • LOL!! You don’t even have a fridge! Maybe not even a baking pan. It is called a magic cake because even though you mix everything the regular way, it separates into layers while it cooks. If you are curious or bored, the recipe is from one of my Likes on pinterest.

  1. I hear Osha Root tincture is great for sinus issues. I have managed to allay the “kapha-ish” issues this season brings on by doing a yearly detox for a week in March on green juices. Really helps me keep things under control. Thankfully because I used to have to be on medication which made me very Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde 🙂 Feel better!

    • I have my cleanse all ready to go for Monday. A whole month ( I just did the sign of the cross). I will look up Osha Root, you sure know a lot Chloe, thanks. And yes the magic cake has 2 cups of milk so it can become custard in the middle. Don’t need to make that again.

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