14 thoughts on “Mini Update

  1. Nicely done, sf. Thanks for sharing parts of the book with those of us who do not have a copy. I’m still trying to decide whether to get myself a copy.

    Actually, while you have the book on you, may I ask you a very technical question? Is the Chakrasana immediately following Supta Padangusthasana to be done on an inhale or an exhale, or somewhere in between? I think it is done on the inhale, but I found myself being a little unsure the other day, and I didn’t have Yoga Mala handy.

  2. Maria aren’t you wonderful, by the time i finish practice there it is. Looks kind of cute, friendly, sure to be a hit. Re savasana….I have a(nother) half written post on that too, was collecting some of the things Richard and Nancy said about it, how they missed the Savasana that came earlier in the series, must try and find what i did with the post and dust it off a little.

  3. This is interesting,
    K. doesn’t actually mention “stopping the breath’ here but he tends to include Kumbhaka’s ( breath retention) throughout Yoga makaranda’s asana descriptions/instructions.

    “14 Supta Padangushtasana (Figure 4.38, 4.39, 4.40, 4.41)
    The first krama for this has 21 vinyasas. Through the 6th vinyasa, it is exactly as for pascimottanasana. In the 7th vinyasa, lie down facing upwards instead of extending the legs and sitting as in pascimottanasana. While lying down, the entire body must be pressed against the ground. The toes must point upwards and the back of the heels must be stuck to the ground. This is also called savasana by other schools. This is the 7th vinyasa for supta padangushthasana. In the 8th vinyasa, slowly raise the right leg straight up. Hold the big toe of the right foot with the fingers of the right hand, do recaka kumbhaka and remain in this position for as long as possible”.
    p86 from Krishnamacharya’s 1934 Yoga Makaranda

    By this it would seem that in any supine posture where you lay down flat before moving into the actual asana proper there’s an opportunity for Savasana.
    “While lying down, the entire body must be pressed against the ground. The toes must point upwards and the back of the heels must be stuck to the ground.”.
    Seem to remember that Nancy and Richard were saying they missed savasana before or after Inversions, will check my notes.
    Just checked Nancy’s 1974 syllabus and Savasana turns up as the last asana mentioned in Advanced B
    Krishnamacharya’s ‘heart stopping’ asana anyone?

  4. In my old shala, we DID take a savasana-like pose for 5 breaths before …? darn my brain! before finishing I think?? backbends? Anyway, it was as described. A pose with feet up and not all floppy relaxed like the final take rest.

      • Love Tatakamudra, you know it’s called pond pose right? because the deep uddiyana kriya makes your cavernous belly look like a pond : ) I do a vajrasana version, supine padmasana too.

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