DON’T Even..

Lisssten, Don’t even try to jump ahead of Mme Saraswati’s count. She will not let you get away with it. Several times she said “Stay”, “Not yet”, “Wait”, and if you thought it wasn’t with you she will fix that too. Lovingly. But firmly. I did not suffer that fate but I for some reason wanted to go skip Purvottanasana and then AGAIN Ardha Baddha PP to go straight to Tirangmukha EP, so she told me once “not yet” then she had to tell me again, “NOT YET” hahaha! I have no idea why I did that. Her count is not particularly fast, but somehow very energized. Rivers of sweat from everywhere. People without rugs were slipping and sliding and the windows were so fogged they looked like frosted glass. After rest she talked a little bit about practice & pregnancy. She said very limited small practice during the first three months, no Bujas, or Kurmasanas and after that do as much as you can. Baddha Konasana, Upavistha K & Supta K, very beneficial for a good labor. She said practice helps you during birth. She smiled and said don’t do what Indian ladies do and rest for nine months. Nice friendly staff at Jois, people! Thanks again NB for giving me your spot.

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