My husband is always busy. If it’s not work, it’s home repair, and if it’s not that it is catching up with his reading and his paperwork. When it comes to just chillin’ he is illiterate. No wonder he falls asleep in nanoseconds. He does not however, have time for exercise. He leaves at 7AM at the latest and I’m lucky if I get him back at 7PM. After  agreeing to try yoga on weekends a couple of years ago (didn’t take), I left him alone. But more and more I read about the importance of exercise for the maintenance of mental acuity and for brain longevity, so he has very graciously agreed to let me drag him out of bed at 5:15 AM and go for a quiet walk. Today was the first day (3.86 miles). The first mile was very grumpy but by the time we got back we were friends again. I was very worried about doing this before practice today because I have read online rumors about running/speed-walking tightening the hamstrings and bla bla bla. Well guess what? Not a problem. So I am walking my husband every morning for 21 days which they say it is how long it takes for something to stick.

10 thoughts on “Walking

  1. That’s great! I often wonder about couples where both people are insanely busy. When is the together time and isn’t that necessary? LOL. I don’t claim to know anything about relationships.

    • I hope he concurs with the great part eventually B. We find great satisfaction being in the same room without really interacting and we both miss it terribly when we can’t be boring together. We have been together for 25 years and I’m DELIGHTED to see him leave every morning, but start missing him around 6PM. He calls our weekends my 55 hours of payback time for having the luxury of a stay at home life.

      • I can’t imagine having had a successful relationship, but apparently the one that crushed me at 25 left permanent damage, because that was it. And now I’m a miserable old cow in a full-time job that I hate, but that’s just me. I’m obviously paying back a doozy boat load of karma.

        I bet bonus husband time is a GOOD thing, lol.

        OK I’ll go back to hating (most of) humanity now…

  2. Okay, but do a good thorough job of it! No short cuts, then call it a day. Too bad you got stuck hatin’ on such a gorgeous day, I bet that counts as karma payment! xo

    • I know! Perhaps I need an exorcism or something. I did spend my whole lunch hour in the over crowded Bryant Park, as I cannot see window from prison. But it only helped while I was out there. Wah wah etc.

      Sorry to whine on your page!

      • Hush child! I consider it an honor. Don’t get soft now, the day is almost over and I bet you haven’t managed to make someone cry yet. slacker.

      • Oh no I won’t inflict my own misery on others! I’ve been mostly silent today… Plus my weight is up and after some criticism from boss on current project I went to Maows and got the mixed fries, ate everyone and licked the bag.

  3. Maria, that is a pretty long walk for just a few quiet minutes each morning. How great that you have convinced him to do it. 25 of happy marriage – impressive! Just wanted to add that I run some and as long as I’m also doing regular practice, no issues with the hamstrings. Maybe a bit tight in the hips on occasion and only if I really overdo it running. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Oh God Kristen, today we saw a cyclist get run over by a car! He flew up in the air and thank goodness he had a helmet and I had a cell phone. He was only scraped and bruised, but I have not heard the end of it from Ray. Now He’s too scared to let me walk by myself! So that’s good in a way because now he is going to get up period, but I hate how guys lecture when they are afraid something bad might happen to you, you know? I told him may dad lives in Miami, calm yourself. I do notice a bit of a knee and hip tightness now that you mention it. I’ll make sure to do some acupressure. Wow, you are sort of a tri-athlete!

  4. No, no tri-athleticism here unless you count eating as my third activity with yoga and running. Ha! Damn, that sounds terrible about the cyclist. How scary! Yes, I’ve been lectured plenty the past six months so I can relate. Well, now he has no choice but to accompany you for own your safety.

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