My very first Garbha headbutt today against the lovely Corinne. Sounds like soccer right? We got a giggles attack that only stopped because we were already past exhausted. Teacher said that there was no reason not to have your arms through your legs in Garbha if you had done it previously. So in they went and with that my ability to maneuver as well. I have to say that I have matured when it comes to sharing space. Earlier in my “career” I would have freaked out if someone put their mat as close to mine as C did today. But that is the beauty of being part of a consistent yoga community, even without thinking, we synchronized our arms to rise consecutively by turns during the Surys and it all worked out until I lost control of my vehicle in Garbha Pindasana. It was all noise no pain fortunately. Yoga weather has arrived, because it was a steam bath led primary with really out of the ordinary forward bends. You know what I mean. Happy Friday all, I’m having a glass of red tonight: Snowden Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, I hear it is unbelievable. And tomorrow too.  Celebrating Mother’s day can take an entire weekend.


1 thought on “Headbutt!

  1. LOL! Well that’s definitely a fear of mine! I actually rarely do those rocks since I can’t get my arms through and I blame it on my bad knees. It’s probably more in my head at this point. Enjoy the Snowden:)

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