In Defense of Paul Tudor Jones

Let me start by saying that my dad convinced me to attend college in the USA because he was petrified by my left wing leanings, and lived in fear of having to pick me up at the military school’s horse stables after being raped and tortured for being a loud mouth. If you don’t already know, I never write anything that is very long because well, I kind of don’t know how. This is what I think this guy Paul Tudor Jones meant. Being a successful financial trader involves being a ruthless asshole. Both men and women can be very successful at being that. Women who decide to become excellent parents and maybe start by deciding to ruin their boobs by nursing, might find it more challenging to switch  back and forth from asshole to good parent and back, and might end up saying fuck this, let him (the dad) be the jerk. There are other solutions (a good nanny). But in my personal opinion I believe the man is right. you can not be a decent parent by making your living doing something that is soul destroying, and involves financial barbarism/vandalism. I am sure that most philantrophy ( cough! funding yoga studies at UVA)  gets funded when these masters of the universe shudder at what they have done during the day in the middle of an infrequent sleepless night when they allow themselves to feel guilt for about three minutes. Long story short, I think they guy said that it is hard to behave like a Visigoth or a mercenary and switch to being a decent person. Don’t everyone pile up at once.

7 thoughts on “In Defense of Paul Tudor Jones

  1. I agree whole-heartedly! he was actually acknowledging the humanizing affects of parenting/loving/caring another human being.

    And I’m really glad your Daddy sent you here to be safe 🙂


  2. I work in an investment bank. I’m not a trader and still have messed up my health by working crazy hours. Those guys can do it because they all have stay at home wives that run their homes and their families like clockwork. Saying ‘fuck this, my kids are more important than this shit’ is not anti-feminist. It is a choice that if I’d ever have to make, I’d make in a heartbeat. A lot of these men have very deep regrets about not having been there for their kids. They thought the wealth they acquired would compensate for the absence and then realized that…it doesn’t.

  3. Is there a grain of truth to what he said so obtusely? Perhaps. But, remember, his statement was in answer to the question “Why is this panel made up of six middle aged rich white guys, and how can someone who is not that get a place at the table?”

    He answered with the very real sentiments of a male-dominated industry – that sentiment being that “women don’t make the best traders, and here’s why…..” He gave his own take on “why” by saying it was because women were distracted, “forgot everything they had learned” and were less effective, and less successful, when they became Moms. He also inferred that Men didn’t have the same “bonding” experience with their children as women did when they became parents, so therefore, men could focus better than women. He also said divorce and a death in the family would be “killer” i.e. have an adverse affect on the success of any trader. He’s an equal-opportunity bigot, at least.

    To get ahead in his industry, then, you must be a man, or a childless woman. If your’e married, you can’t get divorced – and your immediate family and friends must all be immortal.

    What a bleak world he lives in.

    • Exactly Michelle. I cannot foretell if he was being exceptionally candid ( and I kind of doubt it), because he ended up admitting that his line of business demands lack of empathy and a borderline pathological ruthlessness in order to succeed or even survive in that environment. Not a news flash and not inaccurate. Gluttony of any kind leads to an absence of mental and physical well being. It is a side effect of striving for success that our culture is beginning to fez up to. What disturbs me the most about the objections to his comments is what comes out as sounding like the demand for the chance or the privilege of becoming a jerk.

  4. Blog davvero interessante, peccato non sia ancora disponibile la versione mobile. Almeno io non l’ho trovata, infatti per leggere questo articolo sul mio telefono ci messo mezz’ora. Perlomento era interessante e ben scritto.

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