I have a stiff, non movable neck right now. It won’t turn, it won’t bend forward, I did not even try Purvattanansana because backward was going to give me the same answer. Why is my neck like this? Because for the first time in ten years I maned up and helped the husband with the highway driving on our trip to the cabin. Damn lane changing will ruin anyone’s practice! But guess what, you can do a practice with a non moving neck. It will help the brand new person practicing next to you because it will probably make her feel way more competent if she silently thinks that at least she can look up during upward dog. And even if you thought it was all too clunky and stiff, when you get up after rest, your neck feels a tad less tight and on it’s way to normal. Yoga Chikitsa. Another nice surprise? These:

photo copy 10th anniversary shala tees in the softest pre-washed cotton and with enough give to not deform Ganesh with your 36 D cup. And lastly, I felt very satisfied by being able to initial my 20th practice of the month (plus the two non qualifiable ones in Maine) which would mean that by the end of this week,  I was pretty much able to show up at the mat 6 times a week for the gorgeous month of May.

2 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. Cool shirts:) Awesome that you practiced all those days in May. Even at my best, 4 days a week is all I can handle. I won’t be doing any challenges any time soon:) Is your neck situation painful? May be torticollis. A friend of mine had it and was helped by a chiropractor.

    • Torticollis! My Grandmother used to suffer from that. I feel much better Chloe thank you. I think it was just turning my head constantly to change lanes on 95 all the way up to Portsmouth NH where I begged for mercy. and we switched. A couple of hot salt baths and some acupressure did the trick.

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