I no longer do these end of the month lists of good stuff every time but this month was pretty great. In  no particular order:

My daughter’s “unofficial” wedding celebration.  Who knew? All you need is excellent wine, thin crust pizza and exotic flavored doughnuts. A family that likes to party also helps.

Walking my husband (literally) every morning at 5:15 AM. He likes it now, and it is silent communing with mate & nature. Perfect way to start your day.

Gorgeous blooms everywhere weather. Today  at the shala, there were at least 5 vases full of fresh flowers from peoples’ gardens.

The beginning of a shala t shirt collection. I am about to receive a red and gold Hanuman tank from Elise Espat’s shala in Albuquerque, and I have gold and red/gold and black Ganeshas from my own shala. I have to make up for not collecting concert t shirts in my youth. And I am going to have to relent and get a Broom St. Temple one. Only rule is that they have to rest comfortably on my bosom. I am still disturbed about how I disfigured Guruji’s face when I put on the AYC 2012  tank.

Kefir. get yourself some kefir. it is good for you and it tastes like dessert.

My iphone 5. Awesome camera plus I love barking to do lists at Siri.

Amaro. If you do not like Campari or Aperol, please disregard.

Harem pants!! pricey ones from Eileen Fisher and $29.95 ones from Etsy via Thailand living in them.Now if I could only run across the flower printed ones I saw on a girl  during AYC in San Diego, that’s how it all started.

And last but not least, tonight’s party, celebrating the shalas 10th anniversary. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure I’m going to love it!

Happy rest day, and I hope you wiped your mat today, oof!

6 thoughts on “Favorites

    • That’s because you are surrounded by stressed out fools today. Perfect day to practice that famous “no one can make you feel bad without your permission” stuff. With me it only works after they won the first round.

      • Ahhhh…. Wise words and thank you. I went downtown for my lunch break & bought fake mustaches at Spencer’s. That helped a bit 🙂 And as bla as I am I’ve gotta get my primary on after work…

  1. Re: Shala t-shirts, not to add to your collection but if you want yoga-related tops that are not shala-specific, check these out: http://www.gbskshop.com/. Designed by an American ashtangi in Tokyo, they have a certain aesthetic that’s edgy yet fun.

    Thanks for introducing me to Amaro, now I’m dying to try it. Negroni is my current drink of choice so I bet Amaro will be a hit as well!

  2. Negroni is summer! My favorite amaro (I haven’t tasted that many, LOL) is Amaro Di Santa Maria Almonte. I love those Tees. Ce la vie with the scull head was a favorite and Shiva too. Thanks.

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