Go Figure

This is the kind of day it is today around here:

photo copyAnd I woke up in a foul mood. Not angry just not wanting to engage. Decided not to get in the car and instead take out the rug outside and do 5 As & 3 Bs.

IMG_1586That was at 9:20 AM. Did a lot of crawling forth  and child’s pose before down dog during what was supposed to be vinyasa, but was able to do shoulder stand and an abbreviated closing for the first time since last Tuesday.  An hour and change later I feel like time heals attitude as well as body if you don’t push and shove.

7 thoughts on “Go Figure

  1. I was actually tallying in my head the number of yogis who were fessing up to being annoyed, sad, or upset online during the last 24 hrs. PLENTY. So weird, but then the collective unconscious nowadays has a way to communicate/whine :).

    • Is it a lot? Interesting! I’m out of the loop. I follow your blog and get email notices when you post but I have to admit I don’t read any other, personal yoga blogs on a regular basis. There’s Yoga Dork but that’s more like a magazine than a blog…

      It’s so funny how changeable things are. There was this one time, up at NY Yoga with Chris, when I got one of those mid palm tweaks. I’m not sure if that’s ever happened to you. I’ve had it maybe 3 times or so. Something “pings” and then that’s it for a few days. It’s not a long tweak, but you can’t do any vinyasa for a couple days.

      Chris had never seen me the slightest bit tweaked. When I’m well cared for I’m like a MACHINE, baby. I’d stopped what I was doing like 2/3 poses into Third and he was mystified. I told him what was going on & he suggested I try switching to Second, but that was no good either, so I laid on my back feeling pathetic while he helped put someone into Kapo to my right.

      I was like, “Will you just put me into Kapotasana please?” all whiny. I felt bendy that day too! He refused.

      Bla, bla, bla. Hope you are enjoying Maine. I wanna beam myself up there. I’ll be right there after I quit my job!

      • I’m back in CT. it was just memorial day weekend to turn on the water and clean up for July/August when we spend the bulk of our time at the cabin. I’d say it is more a twitter thing where you read bah humbug I’m not doing it today or I just finished my cry kind of thing. I’ve had pinched nerves on the top of my hand and wrist issues because of the weight I carry. I prefer no assistance no matter how grateful I am afterwards. I actually know a textile design Co. called Company C based in your home state of NH, but has a branch in Portland who would probably love to hire you…

      • Ahhh…. Back in CT. Good job for the state on the GMO labeling. I hope we get four other states on board!!! Maine is nice in the summer… Since I’m too poor to have more than one dwelling though, I hope if I ever manage to get out of the damned hovel I’ll land some place with a warmer climate.

  2. That was my day yesterday but I did not get on my mat at all…nor did I go to the gym as I often do when I skip practice. Today I barely squeezed a practice out. Collective unconscious – that’s me:-)

    • Which reminds me Chloe, that I’d better stop just talking about that oil bath and actually do it. It could do nothing but help. I wonder if today Tuesday Tim Miller might write an astrological explanation for this collective funk. Now off for a walk!

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