How My Brain Works

I am simultaneously inspired by Kino MacGregor’s introduction and first chapter of her new book, like highlighter inspired; while at the same time totally despondent over the news about how we are all bugged and monitored by our government while we pay for it. I’m not even surprised just upset that they now longer give a fuck if we know. So do I practice today after reading some of the most eloquent paragraphs on the beauty, significance, and benefits of this practice? Nope. I stay home and make buttermilk scones. I have no one to share them with because Ray is in Maine with his brothers, a time I have used in the past  to do all sorts of healthy experiments. In my defense I have sinus issues today and I’m popping advil. Hopefully I’ll throw away the ones I don’t eat when I’m full. It’s not even noon. On the bright side, I just saw a video showing Canada’s Defense Minister (former?) admitting that there are aliens on earth.

Update: I continue to have a very bad record on scone baking. Check out those warts. plus they are spongy inside, not flaky. I can produce the best made from scratch pie crust, but scones? not yet. Ate 2 (one too many ) and the rest go to the critters outside.


10 thoughts on “How My Brain Works

  1. I love that video (Canadian defense guy) & posted it fairly recently.

    Ya the spying… Bleah. Anyway don’t feel bad about taking a day off. You’ve got your book! I’d totally help you eat the scones if I were there 🙂

    • B, I make the lousiest scones in the history of baking. They look like they are topped by warts. I want them to come out like the ones from Mangia in midtown although they changed something and are no longer as good. Had two and threw them out. Tempted to take a photo but they really look warty. Where did you find that video? I just saw it today, but I have no context. Some “research” to distract myself with today. I love Friday led, but I apparently love self sabotage even more!

      • Have the scones been performing cunnilingus recently? Chortle. Sorry. It’s the first thing I thought of!!!

        I saw the video posted on this fruity site I like to visit from time to time – Humans Are Free (

        I always hated when studios would do led on Friday. For the people who get to practice Primary once a week that’s like punishment. I do LOVE practicing Primary itself though. And hey it’s not the end of the world. You could get on the mat still if you wanted.

  2. Love scones, I got taken to a cafe in Dublin by an Irish ashtangi friend, the scones were stunningly good! Not so good for my Supta K probably!
    All this government spying on our Amazon purchases tempts me to buy “Dummies guide to Al Qeda” just to see how long it takes to hear the sirens coming down the street

    • Thank you Kevin! I laughed really loud when I read about your shopping plans. Another upside of this post is that I am getting a lot of baking suggestions/assistance. All I ask is for a nicely browned crust and a good crumble.

      • Hi Maria, there are a few yoga cooks out there (I’m not one), so hopefully you will crack scone making soon. Sorry about the second comment, it made it look like my computer deleted the first one.

  3. I love Scones, an irish ashtangi friend took me to a Cafe in Dublin that did stunningly good scones, which were probably not so good for my Supta K 🙂
    All this spying on our Amazon purchases tempts me to buy a book like “Al Queda for Dummies” just to test how long it takes to hear the sirens coming down the street! Though apparently Obama just said he isnt spying on folk in the US, just those of us outside the US!

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