I stopped doing Pranayama I’d say about 5 or six months ago. Why? Because I was so tired at the end of practice that I wanted to be done, get my 2nd cup of coffee and go home. Because no one else seemed to be doing it (while at the shala at least) and I did not want to be the noisy one. And sometimes I just plain forgot to. I tried doing it before practice while still at the house, but most of the time I have to choose between coffee and the husband walk/bond or Pranayama, and I already wake up at 5:15. Yes I know some of you wake up around 4 AM  and that’s why you are way more floaty and stronger than I am.

So today teacher taught another Pranayama breathing practice (do not know what it’s called) consisting of increasing the sound of our inhalation, louder every time and then reversing that by quieting the sound of the breath until it was inaudible. Let me tell you my mind got quieter than during any sitting meditation I’ve ever experienced. So I guess its time to re incorporate this part of the practice no matter how self conscious and tired I feel.

6 thoughts on “Reconsidering

  1. Pranayama replaced my coffee awhile ago. I am an Ashtangi that does not do caffeine. I started practicing more pranayama and My whole physical system changed because it. I eat less too.

    • You eat less. Deal. I was telling myself just yesterday that when I was not thinking about losing weight, I was thinking about what to eat. I need to stick some kind of pause between those two thoughts.

  2. Pranayama can actually help you lose weight:) I have done many pranayama workshops and that is the case. It wakes up the digestive fire and speeds up the metabolism naturally. I love the energy I get when practicing it regularly. I think Ashtanga practice offers great breath work but it is not always enough nor a way to explore the true subtleties of pranayama when it is separated from practice.

  3. Hey Anon,
    I agree. Pranayama with Swami Ramdev has changed my life. As for coffee…here’s a good explanation SF as to why it may be keeping you from weight loss if that is your goal. Metabolic Syndrome is rampant these days so it is important…

    More on pranayama and weight loss…


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