Figured It Out

The secret to flaky crumbly scones is a trickle of vodka  mixed with your wet ingredients. The secret to practicing when you do not feel like driving or waking up early (because the weather keeps changing and your face is in pain), is to commit to granny style. This term is coined from the fabulous Liz Potter and it alludes to turning it down a couple of notches. If it all goes well you might want to crank it up later on. Or not. But you do it.

photo copy

4 thoughts on “Figured It Out

    • The best part is that Liz, the promoter of granny style is the fittest strongest amazon inTexas, so she knows a thing or two. The vodka trick is good for flaky pie crusts too. The Peanuts plate dates from the early 80s, when my now 30 year old started eating solid foods…:)

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