Some Things Don’t Get Better

Some examples:

My dad has been calling every year since around 2007 (his 50th wedding anniversary) to ask me to remind him of the date so he can send my mom some flowers. The first year I told him to write it down ( of course he didn’t), but since then I have forgotten as well. I’ve given him June 21st, the 22nd, and today I went for the 23rd. Nothing bad has happened. I actually think my mom enjoys the feeling of superiority for remembering more than the fancy flowers.

The solstice is on Friday and it is time for the 108 Suryas. This is my 5th solstice and guess what, last year half way through, if I jumped back, I did not jump forward. Nothing bad happened. This year I might not jump back or forward and I betcha nothing bad will happen. I used to feel like a cheater, because teacher floats back and forth, hovers in chaturanga, all while counting aloud for us. That’s why she’s the teacher, because she is awesome like that, and it is just an example of what is possible not a requirement in order to be a valuable member of humanity.

You get to decide how you feel about things not improving or things that deteriorate. remember that some of us feel happy that the number Hummers being sold is not improving and that we sometimes like that distressed, deteriorated “antique” look in what we bring to our home or wear. A sincere “I am fine” with a truthful smile, is an authentic choice available to all of us.

2 thoughts on “Some Things Don’t Get Better

    • Oh it was a sweaty love fest, very energetic feel good pace (!!) and I only jumped back and forth during the first one and the last one, a fabulous compromise! Like opened and sealed with a kiss, hahaha. Monday looks good. I made a res at the Colonnade. Let’s hope it does not fall apart “at the office”.

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