Ashtanga Fringe Benefits

This might sound like a rehash of the many benefits of belonging to a community, but for an introvert like me, they are sort of a revelation. Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit another Mysore practice room, this time in Boston. Aside from worrying about directions (I didn’t because my friend Laura provided exact fail proof ones) you enter into a situation full of strangers without any anxiety because you know what is going to happen with very little variation. I practiced at Karma Yoga under the care of Kate O’Donnell which for a cybergeek like me was a big deal. I always marvel when a teacher can tell which is your difficult side, and how they can find space and range where you thought there wasn’t any more room to go. Another small room ( I laugh thinking that I considered the room a practice in small) but this one is styled all fancy with a rustic minimalist vibe, really very pretty. Afterwards Laura¬† (smallbluepearls Laura) took me to breakfast at a place called Flour nearby and if you happen to want/need baked goods and the best eggs in the South End, that’s where you go. A really satisfying talk while eat then walk later, she dropped my off at my B&B. Can’t wait to do it again

2 thoughts on “Ashtanga Fringe Benefits

    • It really is Kevin. It is like having the perfect blend of sanctuary/club house/embassy in the places you visit. For spaces in which people do not speak or share names, it is quite remarkable.

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