Things That Don’t Go Together

Anything before practice, really. I wanted to take advantage of the high tide (7AM) to go on a kayak ride, and ended up with a very sloppy practice afterwards. Paddling is not great on the wrists first of all and bug spray, even the all natural herby kind stings like hell after you start sweating the Surya Bs.So far I have practiced (and drank wine) every day. I am entertaining tomorrow night and then the husband leaves the next morning. Looking forward to a 14 day silent yoga practice, text study, raw food self styled retreat. Even imported the vitamix and Georg Feurestein.

5 thoughts on “Things That Don’t Go Together

  1. Just found your blog…very nice:-) And oh boy do I know this topic. I have stopped pretty much everything but walking and only after practice, not before lest I feel too spent to get through Primary. And wine as well as other alcohol and non-satvic foods are also something I rarely indulge in. I look at it this way…will have a stronger immune system, put on less weight through meno-p and just enjoy yoga high in general as long as I am still moving on my mat every day:) Enjoy your silent time🙏

    • Thanks. I do the walking after practice as well, but often toy with the idea ( it quickly dies of neglect!) of doing some strength training to aid my arm muscles so I can maybe one day do arm balances. I know people who practice and go to the gym.

  2. I have a friend who does martial arts for arm strengthening because the energy of that and yoga seems to work together for him. They do a lot of abdominal work too which is great for yoga inversions. I could never go to the gym again but I hear you on getting more arm muscles working for arm balances. Maybe just doing some reps with light weights at home is the way to go…like 5 pounders.

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