It was 93 Degrees

At 7 Am this morning in Northeastern Maine. Like you know, that is great for flexibility but you run out of juice and steam ( literally) early in the game. The first half of the practice was a lot more self aware than the second half which focused mainly on wondering how people rub sweat back on in India when it is pouring out at this rate. I don’t think I am going to do a play by play of Kino’s book. Suffice it to say that I respect her now as a writer as well. The introductory chapters are erudite, and yes I chose that word, as well as clear and approachable. Her section on food can renew the most recalcitrant and ossified intentions to change. Today I was able to recall a lot of her fundamental instructions on how to proceed in making sure that the proper muscles are activated in every step of the Sun salutations. I generally do not retain that kind of data in my short term database. All of these good signs that this is an excellent textbook. Most textbooks on any subject pretty much suck, as most of you know. They are dry or pompous or boring and many times all of those three things. Be honest and think about any textbook during school that made you say this writing is great! Yeah. I though so. So kudos on your writing Kino. Dear god, literally wiping sweat from this iPad. Happy moon day tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “It was 93 Degrees

  1. I’m actually going to take the moon day too, so I can have a well deserved jaunt the beach. I’m thrilled I found another person who actually wants to go! Plus I’ve been practicing rather diligently…

  2. Well it’s 61*f here in Alaska so I am a bit envious of the heat you are enduring- so the hot tub will be my substitute for a moon day practice .. I enjoyed your review of Kino’s book and will be ordering it as your description is completely enticing….and I thank you.

    • Wow, that is contrast for you. Thanks Stephanie, I really think she did a good job. I am not a yoga teacher and have no interest in becoming one, but I would say her breakdown for every pose is a great aid for those teaching, who sometimes need a script or a description of the mechanics to pass on directions/instruction to a student that like me is more verbal than kinesthetic.

  3. Well, now I’m going to have to get the book (which I will add to the growing pile of books that cannot be touched until I finish the other one). You know the one. This week! Interested to read the food part. I’m always a sucker for a good food part.

    • I’d rent that one K! The food part has no new earthshaking info. She just phrases things in a way that hits home. It is not a long section, in fact the first parts of the book are all short but to me were the best parts. I am going slowly through the asana parts to see if I pick up new ways to speak to my muscles.

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