July Lessons

What a great month for yoga this was. I know I did not write much about it, but that was because carving solitude in a cabin full of people, located in a place also full of fun people you love and miss is not that easy. What was easy was excusing myself for 90 minutes and doing my practice. Except for the 3 practices I missed in Miami taking care of my mom, I practiced every day (except Moon & Saturdays) the entire month. So this is what I learned:

Discipline has become a choice. Even when inconvenience appears, you arrange to do what you choose now willingly. That implies that I have acquired a certain amount of self trust, that I have integrated yoga into the definition of who I am, and that I’ve done this by paying attention which is one of yoga’s greatest gifts. Yoga weans you from your preferred modes of distraction when you have not chosen what you were afraid you might not get.

More an that another time. A mountain of house chores have been patiently waiting for me during an entire month.

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