Torpid Reaction

I went on a six mile hike (almost 7) during yesterday’s moon day. It was not rugged terrain but uneven enough. By mid afternoon I was whimpering when I had to go upstairs or rise from my chair. I decided to do a 15 minute oil bath followed by a salt bath. Some relief, but it hurt to toss and turn like I do all night long. After a restless night and still very sore I decide to go for a 10:30 mixed level class which is really a half primary. Tough salutations but heat and sweat do wonders. As I am arranging myself in Padmasana, I look at my ankle and see what looks like a deer tick. I am convinced that I am still a prime candidate for any cult indoctrination, because I actually thought: Should I finish my 26 breaths or squeeze this mofo out right now? I started my slow breathing then called myself a bad word and started squeezing. It was a darn tick that I put on my towel to dispose of later and did Utpluthi. Good girl syndrome can really mess you bad.

3 thoughts on “Torpid Reaction

  1. did it bite you??? LYMES DISEASE AHHHHHHHHHH. Might want to get it checked however I am just remembering that it takes something like 48hours for the little bastards to infect you. I live in terror of Lymes.

    • I read 36 hours. I don’t have a red mark and it came off real easy. I put some peroxide on and a layer of coconut oil ( I’m thinking disinfectant with antifungal, why? No idea) I cannot believe that thing did not drown in the castor oil yesterday.

  2. well if it popped out easily then it did! I rid the corgiyogi of them by a thick coating of petroleum jelly which suffocates them and makes it easy to remove the next day.

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