Drishti Progress

Today I read a note from a shala friend who mentioned it was nice to see me at Mysore this morning. I responded by confessing I had not even seen her, and I had truly been wondering where she was these days. I am one of those who has to know who just walked into the room, and I have to talk myself into not looking more than once during my practice. So I guess my mind was on the yoga from the get go, instead of where it usually is as walk in. Most days I have to give myself quite a settle down speech as I walk to my chosen spot to roll out the mat.

Today I was going to wear one of my favorite tank tops, which I bought form Elise Espat’s shop. It has a golden image of Hanuman on a red background, but I chose a plain blue one instead because I browsed briefly at an article on FB by Matthew Remski. The Title was “The Unbearable Distance of Belief. Notes on Icons Appropriation and the 2nd Order….” at that point Facebook cut the title off. I cannot link to it because his site must be down. Anyway, I read it, and started fretting about the placing of my  Buddha statues, my two watercolors of Ganesha and Krishna, and my tiny little carvings of  Hanuman & Dhurga. And of course my tank top. I suppose I should not be giving this loads of thought time since I do walk around with a pocket book with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe slapped on, courtesy of Bolsa Bonita by the fabulous Liz Potter.

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