Yoga & Economic Justice

Having been a union member, I was made aware early in my career that MLK’s speech during the March on Washington was about economic justice. Today, I know many fast food workers are striking for the chance of earning a living wage. I don’t personally know any yogis who eat fast food, but perhaps I know some like me who delight in finding something useful/nutritious/beautiful/well made, for $1.99. There is no such thing. Someone is being robbed.  Someone, someplace, and their resources  are being  mistreated and plundered. Also sacked along with their well being,  is our ability to feel compassion and empathy. One thing that Yoga brings to your attention right away is how to live with fewer, and better things if you want to make progress with the practice. To a certain extent, both the rich yogis and the poor ones need to live with: Less food, less party, less complicated outfits, less shopping if you want save to go learn at the source or even if you have to forgo certain non essentials to study with a qualified teacher. This is another topic but don’t skimp on finding that teacher and certainly do not screw that teacher out of a living wage. Some people are willing to let go of a well paying soul killing job to become a yogi (that is also a whole other story). As yogis we are fortunate to find out that volume and capacity to acquire are obstacles to wisdom and it’s application. So even if you are just in it for the yoga butt, the practice makes you follow a little bit of yama and niyama by creating less waste and maybe not supporting mindless heartless consumption.

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