Sitting Not An Option

If I want to get up again. Not sure why, but at around ten this morning I turned around while sitting at my desk to say something, and I felt such an intense back muscle spasm that I was unable to speak. Clueless here can not figure out if it was her kidneys, her back ribs, or some spine tendon muscle tangle. After Mag and B pulled me up from my chair, the two only comfortable positions are standing up very straight or lying on the floor. Some possible  causes:

-terrible posture while sitting in front of screens finally caught up with me.

– I am not drinking enough water to keep up with the cleansing effects of Diatomaceous earth and my kidneys or my colon are sore and I am feeling  the pressure.

-the 3/4 of a centimeter progress I’ve made in back bending is haunting me.

– trying to push my hip bones forward during headstand pinged something in the upper  back ribs or whatever that part is called.

Things were going so well. I salt bath might help but I don’t want to get stuck in there. As I type in front of the kitchen counter I wonder how I spent 21 years on my feet for 6 hours, 5 days a week.

Ideas? Suggestions?

18 thoughts on “Sitting Not An Option

  1. oh jeez. rest. epsom bath (have The Husband handy for getting you out). And if I may ask delicately, how are things GOING, you know, in that department? Because yes, absolutely, the colon can mimic very acute back pain. my old bodyworker used to say that all the time, lots of people’s back pain is from the intestines. Feel better! xoxoxo

    • Yes! As the day progresses I think it is an overtaxed colon issue. We yogis are amazing with the colon talk aren’t we? hahahaha. I think this powdered dirt is actually dislodging plaque! feel free to stop reading right now. Thanks L!

  2. Not consistent with what many yogis do but now is the time to take aleve. 2 now and 1 before bed. Same for 2 more days. Start with warm shower-easier. Walk gently, and bring knees (one at a time) gently to chin before getting out of bed. Cat cow before gentle practice tomorrow. No full vinyasa, elbow to floor. Meanwhile rest one foot on books or a box while standing around. See what develops tomorrow.

    • Thanks S, Definitely cat/cow, and thanks for the one foot on a book idea, I am weary like a big baby and that will help. I don’t have aleve around but husband will bring. I am 80% convinced that it is maybe an overworked colon though

  3. I would also lay off silica for now just in case its related. Eat yogurt or drink milk w aleve. My suggestions assume back problema though.

    • I am leaning towards that, although I’ve been reading that this discomfort is quite common during the first days of taking it. They do recommend taking a probiotic, to replace all the bugs being killed off. I have some kefir for when the aleve arrives. Thanks S.

  4. Blame it on the New moon, too. That awful back spasm you describe happened to me twice in the last year while teaching on the new moon, which is why I no longer have classes on the Moons (it was my last rebellion against the Ashtanga Police to hold classes on moon days – but I am so glad I get the break now, and my students have adjusted. And my back doesn’t get thrown out any more.)

    S’s advice is spot on, and yes, do not stop practicing. Practice just suryanamaskars and see how it goes. If you start to seize up, stop and close with the last three padmasanas. I found that if I kept practicing, gently, I’d recover quicker than if I didn’t.

    Also, dry brush the area where it hurts the most – increase circulation, decrease inflammation is my mantra! It really helps ease the pain when you dry brush, I’ve found.

    Feel better!

    • I did a dry brushing before my salt bath Michelle, thanks for the suggestion. I took my aleve and i am in bed about to set the alarm. I might take a moon day and a half…. 🙂

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  5. but michelle is right, if you keep moving and maintain at least a little gentle practice you will feel better. It will also help your head.

  6. sorry for the serial commenting but bad backs r us……consider the fact that you might be a little tense/freaked out about your only precious child moving halfway across the world, much as you are trying to be positive. Backs respond to tension and stress, as well as other deep emotions and to sudden or overly vigorous or incorrect movements. And then there was the packing. Bend and lift much during that?

    • from my own unpleasant experience I concur: bad backs are often about 1. emotions and/or 2. intestines (honestly!)

      Worry not about Mag, my own Katie is in the country to help in a pinch! and I have a boatload of air miles I keep in reserve to air lift out when needed (did that about a year ago) OR should we just need to get on a plane and visit!


    • Thanks S, The aleve made me pay no heed to the alarm this morning! I am going to do an abbreviated something later this morning. I am fortunate not to be a back pain expert, so thank you for all of your insights. I will roll with the flow and it is a beautiful day!!

  7. Sounds like a colonic would do you a world of good to flush out whatever the
    DE is collecting and breaking down in your colon. It is a powerful detoxing agent and you may find that once you flush out your back pain will be completely gone and even a few pounds of old toxins. I’ve seen it happen this way for a friend who from that point on said she felt a m a z I n g.

    • That thought has crossed my mind Anon. I have quite a bit of growing up to do before I gear up for a colonic. You are dealing with someone who still cries like a baby when she has to throw up. On the upside, two days of intense hydration, mostly standing,and some baking soda diluted in water, have done wonders. I also had myself a good long cry (no barfing) over having to say goodbye to my kid. That kind of detoxed me too! I intend to mature into getting a colonic one day though, I can see how it would benefit anyone who holds things inside 🙂

  8. Once you get there with it and find the right hydrotherapist, most people experience it as a very peaceful ( and for some spiritual) experience 😃 like walking on air after you are done😊 Sounds like you are working through it all well though. Hope you get back on your mat again soon😎

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