Began my practice feeling a little tight above the waist but a chucked it to a long car ride yesterday afternoon, but nooo. As I reach out to grab my right toe in UHP I seize up feeling spasm on the right side of my back like someone had just punched my kidney. Moving on there is still a twinge but no repeat, until the seated poses. teacher comes over to adjust in Tirangmukha Ekapada P because she probably sees no effort to reach or bend, so I fez up, turn down the offer to adjust and point to the ouch. She thinks it might be an inter coastal muscle that might be pulled or a bit torn. Now sitting up straight hurts and by the time C, who is assisting teacher in the mornings comes to adjust my yoga mudra, I am so skittish that I turn her down too explaining that my side hurts. She sweetly says teacher had told her already which makes me realize that what she was about to do would not hurt there. What can I say, I am an accomplished coward. Anyway, I am tracing it back to a really good adjustment in Mari C yesterday where I twisted farther than I have ever twisted before, like Linda Blair in the exorcist, hahaha! It felt really good right then, but now I cannot lift my right arm and reach for anything without whimpering. Ce la vie.

16 thoughts on “Ow

    • Well I took my bra off as soon as I got home and it felt better, hahahaha!!! I was telling someone over at twitter that I’m learning to see these things as patterns that throw a tantrum as they are asked to leave the body. Like I said, it felt really good to twist that far and maybe it as a car ride/plus twist thing. We shall see.

  1. Hey Serene, take it eas(ier) for a couple of days. I have a feeling that it will heal pretty soon if you give it space and time. Who knows, this might even be an opening…

    On a different note, it occurred to me after reading the second-last sentence of your post that we Ashtangis can probably make a very decent living as stunt doubles in horror movies πŸ™‚

    • Goodness! I just realized why so many fundamentalist right wing pastors are creeped out by yoga. One look at Dwi Pada or Tittibhasana B is all it takes to make the call for “possesed” right???

  2. 😦 Feel better soon! I agree with you that these tweaks and twinges are possibly “patterns throwing a tantrum” as you aptly put it. Nobody said change/growth was glamorous!

      • Only seeing this now, sorry! The wrist is getting better although I’m not seeing significant jumps in improvements compared to a few weeks ago. I’ve found that once you get out of the stage of acute pain, the practice is actually very therapeutic in relieving twinges and strengthening the injured area. I’d be interested to hear about how the practice unfolds for you with this injury, hope it’s a lot better today! x

  3. Ouch, hope it eases up soon, no fun, safely does it….. I say no fun but the Exorcist references and D’s “Nobody said change/growth was glamorous!” will have me chuckling to myself all the way to the mat.

  4. Funny, I thought of you as I was doing my home practice today. I was thinking -he doesn’t have to worry about how crippled he looks when he is sore. Yeah, I did not go to the shala today because I did not want to look lamer than I already do. Unbelievable, I demand glamorous growth apparently.

  5. salt bath, oil, sleep, gentle movement, no carrying things, etc. You had a back thing a while ago, and these things kind of move around the back. My experience anyway.

    • Doing that S.Strangely it only hurts when I reach over to grab and bend in UHP or when I reach with my right arm in forward bends during seated poses. No problem with vinyasa or any other standing pose. Even twists are proving to be okay. Only the reaching hurts, so weird. Thanks for the advice.

  6. I would definitely consider looking at your psoas on this one. I once had a similar type of mysterious pain and it turned out to be a spasmed, too tight psoas which can happen for several reasons doing asanas, even by applying bandhas too tightly. The pain radiated from my lower back, kidney area due to the depth of the muscle and its proximity to the spine. Once a massage therapist released my psoas, the pain was gone. There are some metaphysical reasons that go with it all too. Here’s an interesting article –


    • Oh wow. I just skimmed through the article, and came right back here to thank you so much for sharing. I was starting to worry about it being a kidney thing. Much better today, but I will definitely look into some body work. Thank you again for sharing this.

  7. You’re welcome and FYI I was told that if the psoas is very tight it can pull the kidney a little out of alignment which also creates pain. Good luck πŸ™‚

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