On Monday

My niece is coming to live with me until sometime not yet decided. She wants to be a stylist, her role models are Britney and Megan Fox, and she defines herself as a Disney princess with absolutely no irony. And I love her but I am absolutely terrified. She is probably writing her own version of terrified describing how she has to live with her granola head no paper towels Birkenstock wearing Om chanting aunt until she can find a place in Williamsburg. I could be in Florence MA today at a Christine Hoar workshop, but no, I am going to be cleaning the B & B  and attending a  Catholic Mass /Brunch (???) for the 10th anniversary of the death of my husband’s aunt. There. I’m done. I’m usually giddy on a Friday moon day. Good thing I am going to binge read Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam.

14 thoughts on “On Monday

  1. I just looked up Maddaddam. I was never a huge fan of Atlas Shrugged, but I love a good triology. I’m finishing up a fantasy trio now. Is Oryx and Crake the first one of this set?

    • Yes it is! B, you will enjoy I am certain. Good thing you can read them back to back I had to re read some parts of the first two to relocate myself. Her writing is transporting. The scary part is that it reads like prophecy. I read Atlas shrugged to impress a guy. Still ashamed when I think about it.

      • It was too glorifying of the rapey mindset for my taste! Atlas Shrugged… the seemingly strong girl as the ‘ho yet again. Yawn. OK I downloaded the sample of the first one. I’ve still got 3/4 of another book going but you know I like to line ’em up 🙂

    • Ah Michelle Thank you. I am praying that the saying opposites attract is full of true. She is delightful like her mom, I’m just a little nervous. It was sort of a sudden request and we have been empty nesters for 13 years!! Have a great workshop up there. xoxo

  2. I’d be terrified too. And wish I was in Northampton also but I had other non-negotiable plans already. Disney Princess. I am so calling myself that from now on.

  3. Take her to your Shala and then let her decide who you are:-) Disney princess or not, I think yoga in its classical form speaks volumes to young people. I visited an ashram out West once where 90 percent of the staff was between 19 and 26 years if age. That told me a lot.

  4. Maybe you can see and support the positive feelings behind her choices, which are no doubt reflections of the culture and value to which she has been exposed. Underneath she is still a half-kid/half-adult person who will probably appreciate being listened to and perhaps even cared for. You’ll do fine. I think getting past the surface is part of yoga. (not to say we aren’t all scared of some parts of yoga).

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