Neti Neti

IMG_2084Not really. Just finding away to describe my neti pot mishap. I managed to receive the flu last night, and since I do not see lots and lots of people I have a very short list of who the donors were. So I am quite congested last night and decide to use the neti pot before bed. Someone needs to share that when your sinuses are very congested the water flows into other directions, like lets say the ear canal causing searing salty pain. I am trying some oil pulling this afternoon to see if that helps. If not, it is off to  the mercy of Dr, Papaharis rather his Physician’s Assistant. I have not seen Dr. Papaharis  since the beginning of this century and thank goodness because that means nothing serious has happened. In the meantime let me leave you with this gentle reminder from THE HOUSE RECOMMENDATIONS at Ashtanga Yoga: Ann Arbor:

9 thoughts on “Neti Neti

  1. PS Where you exposed to it at your Shala? Teacher passing it around? I have heard of that. I try to never go to class if I am feeling even the least bit run down because in that warm environment, I always feel like I might catch something. And I always stay away from the window drafts.

    • Not sure at this point. Definitely not teacher.There was a very sick person practicing next to me during a led class earlier last week, but also aunt came to visit last Friday and she had just gotten over something or another. My niece has to be constantly reminded of being a guest in a no shoes house. At this point I don’t want to infect anybody and that’s why I took the screen shot of The House Recommendations.

  2. Feel better soon! I do sutra neti versus neti’s a bit crazy getting used to it…better to discuss when you are feeling better! For now a eucalyptus bath and some tea sounds like a good plan xo

    • Oh I know what sutra neti is and that is so not happening, but thank you P! LOL
      I don’t have eucalyptus oil but I think rosemary will do in a pinch. That advice I will take, hahahaha!

      • Yeah when I started doing sutra neti is when my family decided I’m tots cray instead of just cray 🙂 but I will say, I can breathe better now, than in my whole life! hope you are on the mend!

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