Ashtangi Confessions

#6 I wear perfume. Like a lot of my Latin, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern brethren, I will not leave the house without it. And guess what, nobody has died or gagged. As a matter of fact I get a lot of positive feedback. One lovely teacher at the shala who also happens to be a Yale educated professional violinist AND a shaman (aha, that’s right), once told me that she would think I am not feeling well if she happened to adjust me one day and not inhale something that smells good. I do not bathe in perfume and I do not wear synthetic godawful stuff. I also do not use it shall we say, “to conceal” anything. So there you have it. Tiny rebellions that have not caused havoc. Yet. My three favorites, in constant rotation:


4 thoughts on “Ashtangi Confessions

  1. I think perfume can totally be a part of who we are. Although at the studio I go to, we aren’t allowed any according to the posted rules 😟Having said that, my claim to fame (and teacher’s delight) is that I always smell like my scents because they are like in my blood now😄 I don’t wear perfume though…I wear natural perfume oils because I am allergic to the alcohol or whatever it is they process perfume with. And I am old fashioned about those so on my list is patchouli, rose and musk😎 have a great Thanksgivvukah👍

    • Oh thank you, you too. I tried making my own scent once after a lot of research and a lot of comparing. I also favor rose and musk along with balsam and frankincense. I spent quite a bit of time and money on it but my very honest husband told me that I smelled like I had spent the day at a head shop! I left the blending to the experts. One day I will invest in having a scent custom blended just for me by someone who knows what they are doing.

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