Home Physical Therapy

I have always been curious about all these implements people collect to massage their surprised muscles because of the way their particular practice is going. I am impressed with some collections. Boodiba’s in particular. Among her stash she has a blue neck thingie that I covet and a wooden ballet stretcher gizmo that I do not covet at all. Susananda also has a therapy stick I think it is called that looks interesting. We ashtangis do not go for props or aids during practice with some wise exceptions but we seem to enjoy gizmos for after practice. I have survived with a meager tennis ball, but it it is time to add a foam roller. Megan from Damngoodyoga gave an excellent demo on how to use the dang thing (maybe it’s use is self explanatory for most but not for the likes of me) and I think that it is going to be ideal for the traveling spasm that has arrived to my pelvis from its original point of arrival on the right side of my upper back. Time to get serious if turning around in bed needs a strategy. Please please spend time cultivating a respectable chaturanga when you begin a yoga practice. Failure to do so will come back and bite you in the ass. Literally.

8 thoughts on “Home Physical Therapy

  1. You know I’ve never really used that foot stretcher. I just love wasting money! When Jayme posted that ballet movie link & the little boy dancer in the trailer got out his foot stretcher and said it was “very painful” I had to have it!

    I’ve got a “body back buddy” thing that’s similar to Susananda’s theracane. Hers is straight. Mine is S-shaped. I use the BBB! I has it at work for awhile. Showed a coworker with a sore shoulder some ways to use it once this fall. She walked around with it all day & then kidnapped it! Now the BBB is at home cause I like to lay in a twist and move those floating ribs around on the right side.

    Two tennis balls in a sock are also very useful…

    Anyway… The hovel is so well equipped & cozy I can’t imagine wanting to practice in a yoga studio again. If there are even blocks it’s always the cheap ass foam kind! Boodiba likes wood blocks!!! And weights! lol

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    • You just reminded my of why I started to write this damn post! Ray is building me this three sided box thing that I cooked up in my head to prevent me from opening my elbows during UD. Bah, Just as well, I’ll take a picture and post about whether it works or not when he’s done.

      • Yes! A couple of months ago I asked teacher to help me with that after seeing a Maty clip. I made progress but I need an assistant. I become rushed and clumsy when I am already anxious about things. this box thing I can tinker with on my own without fumbling with the wrapping and tying. I am one of those beings that still fumbles with her house keys after 19 years of the same keyhole.

  2. I have two hard rubber blue handballs and a hard yellow lacrosse ball I keep in my car. I put them on various trigger points in my back when driving long trips. I don’t think they really release anything – it just feels good to press hard on some of the tight spots that nag at me.

    I’ve found that practice (and oil bath) seems to work out most of the kinks, most of the time. I’ve become less reliant on massage/bodywork over the years, but recommend them for practitioners nonetheless. (Sometimes an extra set of wise hands – and their energy – does help to speed healing. Be discriminating though!)

    • I don’t do long drives,maybe twice a year. You do however just made me realize that my right leg lately is getting sore just from my short commute to Ridgefield. I feel discomfort every time a accelerate. I only do oil bath when I’m in trouble so maybe it needs to become a routine, but boy do I hate cleaning up that mess. I really benefited from a twice monthly massage last year but my pocketbook cannot keep up with that.

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