IMG_2254As proof of my platinum bad lady status, I  confess that I now design props. This ugly thing keeps my elbows from splaying out during Urdvha Dhanurasana. My design was less ugly but my contractor insisted that I needed those brackets so the thing would not bust open when I put pressure on it. Whatever. It works and it was free, made with leftover debris from the shelving for my laundry room. I also very happily confess that I am sort of running out of odd behavior. Lets see if I can keep these at a dozen. Who am I kidding, neurotic behavior grows like weeds around here. All I’m saying is that hopefully I will not harvest enough crazy for a weekly post, right?

10 thoughts on “#12

  1. Wow this is very impressive! I think props are under-rated in the ‘traditional’ Ashtanga practice to be honest…..most of us don’t come to this practice with a light and limber body that ‘gets it’ right away.

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