New Knowledge

For me obviously! I am constantly discovering how to make warm water, so in no particular order:

1. Chant vibration is no joke. It is a real palpable energy and that is probably one of the reasons why practicing in that space feels so powerful and steady.

2.The only reason for having shown up at this particular episode or stage of the story is to figure out a set up to remind us we came to get liberated. If you picked yoga as part of that plan, very good move.

3. Deities are really good at giving form to what we cannot figure out and do not mind showing the way to where the divine resides. Turns out it is everywhere. even inside us.

4. 100 plus people doing pranayama at the same time sounds like steady traffic swooshing by on wet pavement.

5. Trying to explain Vedanta in one afternoon is crazy. I should repeat that.

6 After learning that Jiva Mukti means realized being, I now find that it might be a bit much to name your yoga studio or yoga method that.

7. One very good reason for maintaining drishti is there is scientific evidence of brain cells that link directly to the eyes and to the nose, without first traveling throughout the nervous system, they go directly form the eyes and the nose to the brain.

8. If you ever go to India and simply cannot commit to a dip in the Ganges in Varanasi because of self preservation, take a dip in Haridwar where it is cleaner.

9. Watching a slide show (not powerpoint, but a slideshow with beautiful photos) with someone like Robert Moses providing commentary, becomes an intimate family like gathering of people who love and respect their practice.

10. I have to man up an find me some Alain Danielou to read if I ever want to figure out Hindu Philosophy, and maybe address my very nagging concern which is that maybe the age of the guru is really over, and now what.

11. Don’t be shy like me and ask for the recipe for the Broome Street Temple’s chai.

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