photoI have left the house exactly once this week and it was on foot.  And only because I did not want the tax collector to charge us for a car we sold last October. I feel less isolated today because I know a lot of us are using the home runways today. I for one, am feeling the confluence of very low barometric pressure and an invisible full moon tomorrow, so I used my runway in  very unconventional ways today. After some very unpleasant forward folds, I did some standing and decided to play with blocks. I used them for Lolasana, I used them to avoid face planting in Bekasana, I used them to jump to and back from seated without toe dragging like the big girls, and I used them to hold my back during back bending. before that I also put some weights on my hands while I laid on my back at the edge of the bed as per the advice of a fellow blogger a long time ago. It feels like a Spanish inquisition technique, but it does make a difference. After no inversions because of the sinus thing a took a long cozy nap. I so look forward to a little fun tomorrow with my old college room mate. We are going to enjoy Cibbo Matto at The Poisson Rouge followed by a little sake at someplace with no Valentine hard sell. Enjoy your Friday moon day

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