New Follower

I have a new follower who has a  blog is called girlsarepretty. I f you click on that you will see a bunch of very pretty teenage girls in tiny shorts, huge sunglasses and one of them still with braces on her teeth. It seems to be  “dating” service providing “opportunities” to date very young Colombian girls? I’m not sure. Maybe it is something else but it sure does look creepy. I am telling you about this because my daughter who runs a Women’s Center in Surhrket Nepal, had to recently drive to another village with her boss and “buy back” a 13 year old girl who had been sold by her relatives. On the trip there and back women kept running out to watch the car go by and they would get waved down because none of them could believe that they were driving instead of being driven and wanted to know how that was possible. So, I am sharing this to say that maybe our lives don’t suck as much as we think. End of rant.

2 thoughts on “New Follower

    • Sometimes some of us over here play that No Doubt song Just A Girl in our heads. Specially after a hard day in the big city or a talking down to or over you at work or socially. Even with disparity here, we are so lucky just based on geography.

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