I Would Like To Say Thank You

To all of those people who  stayed up and chanted during Mahashivaratri last night because for the first time in months, I slept through the night. Like a baby. Or maybe it is the accumulated  almost 90 days of ashwaganda, no sugar, and booze only four times so far that is doing the trick. all I can tell you is that I started playing the chants Grim shared of  Ramaswami on youtube in a loop around 4 PM plus some other Om Nama Shivayas that appeared on the feed. I feel asleep with that japa in my head and woke up so refreshed that I decided that maybe the moon day was in fact tomorrow Saturday and not today and I would go to Led. Once there a friend shared with me that astrologically this particular February really does not have a new moon which very seldom happens (28 days? that makes sense). Before we started, teacher did mention that today was  considered a moon day, and that all these people who chanted during the night were looking forward to it. She also shared that when Guruji was alive he would always decide on the side of allowing two days of rest if the moon day fell close to a Fri/Sat. in other words if the moonday could go either way, lets say Friday late or very early Saturday, he would close the shala on Friday so students and families could enjoy two days rest in a row. if the same happened between a Saturday and a Sunday, he would close the shala on Sunday so there could also be two days of rest. I am paraphrasing her description so any inaccuracies fall on ME okay? Long story short we took it easy and it was a lovely practice with nice heat because crap it is cold outside. Today is my first anniversary as a mother in law. Why am I making it all about me? because nobody else cares, particularly the newlyweds. They are coming into JFK tomorrow for a few weeks because the son in law has a new book out  with his illustrations and is doing a book tour. I asked if I could make an anniversary dinner and they said they would like some lox/bagels/cream cheese/onions and capers and a dirty martini. I don’t think any of you have rugrats (or even know what that is) but here is the clip for the book:

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