How I can Tell

photoI know spring is around the corner when  my amazon orders start looking crazy. I  started to notice that my spending goes absolutely berzerk when something in my brain receives the message that winter is over and starts buying crap we don’t need. Before amazon. I would buy make up I don’t use, tv commercial gadgets that you know are too good to be true, and clothes that are out of your comfort range.  Some of them are not mistakes. I still have  and wear my magenta Converse All  Stars from 1983 and still keep a collection of garish big and loud Laura Ashley print dresses that should really be  accent pillows, not dresses, but most of the stuff is definitely what some other folks have described as shopping while on ambien. This year’s haul? a collection (bought separately) of perfume oils (attars) one worse smelling than the other, but I wanted a winner so I kept ordering. Nope. There are no winner fragrances for under $20. the bottles sure are awesomely “unique”. I also am the owner of an overpriced harem “jumper” but that one I am wearing every other day and enjoying every disapproving look it garners, but the main complaint here is the tendency to overspend. Always catches me by surprise. I don’t have much yoga news except for the fact that pranayama and breathing in general makes you emotional  and thankful after being unable to utilize your nostrils because of the flu. And today once again I see proof that the practice rewards your perseverance when circumstances keep you away for a bit. Ashtanga is not for the strong and the flexible, it is for the willing. OH! and my Hamish Hendry Yoga Dharma book has been shipped, so it’s not all nonsense.

13 thoughts on “How I can Tell

  1. I can relate! I got the advance notice that Prime is going up to 99$ a year next Christmas & pondered whether or not to keep it. But on Prime I have access to a bunch of outdated movies & TV shows. I recently plowed through 3 seasons of Downton Abbey after all. I get to borrow a Kindle book a month for free and I get advance purchase options on stuff.

    I was wondering if not having Prime shipping would discourage me from over spending, boredom shopping… Shopping from the work cubicle… I have more than one “season” you see. It seems to spike up in 2-3 month intervals.

    But in the end, it’s only $8.25 a month & I don’t do Netflix.

  2. More than one season!!! Hahahaha. I love my amazon prime video as well. I plowed through a whole season of Vikings while I had the flu. Obsessed. I buy bulk food on amazon as well. I have “subscriptions” for triphala and other banyan stuff, as well as for soba noodles 100% wheat free is hard to find and very expensive to buy at whole paycheck. I wish I could see the crazy coming. I know it is coming but I am never ready for it.

    • My crazy exists at ALL times. I attribute it to being entirely and completely celibate, rather than just 95%.

      So Vikings is good hey? Maybe I’ll start on that now. I tried to get into an episode of Sherlock… Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. I will try again at some point.

  3. Yeah, it’s good. I am obsessed with Vikings, Celts, Picts, Vandals, Goths, Cathars, Moors, Crusaders, you name it, I love that “historical” Braveheart shit. Let me know how you like it if you decide to indulge.

    • OK I’m going to give it a go! I’d already put it in my watch list.

      Tried to make it through “Men in Tights” last night. Did anyone ever think that was funny?? Oy. Made it 20m.

  4. LOL! I made it through 15 minutes of Thor last night because I was mourning the end of Vikings season one. BIG mistake. I could not believe how bad and wasteful! Tony Hopkins isn’t broke, Natalie Portman is most definitely not broke. That guy whoever he is is gorgeous but that is not enough.

    • Oh see, I considered Thor & thought, “Na, I’ll wait til it’s free.” If you haven’t seen Rush yet, the Thor actor is 70s styled and slimmer, super hot and nude in a couple of scenes. Plus there’s a real story. Rush is a movie worth watching, and I’m not at all interested in car racing.

    • Sure I believe it, because 1) it’s hard to find good stuff on iTunes and 2) they were both in the top 20 last weekend. Ya, it’s not a movie I’d have chosen, by my main movie date (Anja) and I take turns picking.

      Rush was the movie that what’s-his-name-lead-actor wanted to support. EVERYone knows the Marvel thing is overdone. But a paycheck is a paycheck. I’d sure do that over labeling socks in a windowless cubicle all day, lol. (Get out yer tiny violins.)

  5. Oh my God, I thought it was only me did that.
    Mine seem to be stress-related rather than seasonal, but I can’t seem to recognise what’s going on until I have a whole pile of weirdness.
    Nail polish. Make-up (which I never wear). There have been a few others!
    The latest was leg warmers, of all things….

  6. while on ambien! Haha, I love you..that is awesome! I went shopping at the market in Mysore this past Saturday after yoga stops traffick and bought a rather large sampling of the yummiest smelling oils ever! Sigh so good, but even the sweet young man who came highly recommended and served me no less than 4 chais as I waited for the oils to all be poured, told me to be careful because I was I he put it, “the Mark of the Market” haha so fun! Incredible to walk through. I will post pics! Xo

  7. I hear it is a thing P! People go driving and shopping and then do not remember a thing. Oh, how I envy you, I love that kind of market shopping. When my daughter lived in Vietnam she insisted on going to market with me to “protect” my interests but she would not let me buy anything because of course everybody was ripping me off. I finally asked her to let me get ripped off or I would go home empty handed. Love, love your photo journalism so far, looking forward to more. xoxo

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