The Vale of Tears

Managed a grown up goodbye to my daughter and my son in law this morning only to let loose the snot and tears during the Sury Bs, and then the loud wailing once I got to the bathroom. Apparently loud enough for my good buddy to slow down while heading towards the door to make sure whomever was in there was alright. Very glad to see her and get a hug when I came out. We kind of did a little wailing chorus since she is going through a hardship, and I guess it was loud enough to make teacher come out and make sure all is okay. Thank god she is the meaning of mothering compassion. So I make it  back into the room again but as you may imagine not breathing very well, and still not over the fact that it is going to be a long haul until I see Mag & B again. So I close after standing and do some more blubbering under the blankie but I realize that I am not the only one sniffing and by the time I stuff my things in my bag I realize a 3rd person is having an emotional day, and as she and I walk out, teacher is talking to another lovely human being who later on consoles me  while we put our coats on, and she is tearing because she confides that she  will be having a very tough day. Poor teacher was scrambling from one tearful person to the other and I don’t think I have ever seen such a thing in the six years I have been her student. There. That was day two of #DryApril.

14 thoughts on “The Vale of Tears

      • I feel worse for you b/c I get to see Henry at the end of the day. I was reflecting on the commute to work that at least I have a better REASON to rush home, merely than just to collapse. I sort of feel like I’m holding him captive, “catptive”. Poor baby. Just had a heart wince.

        Anyway hang in there!!! We’ve all cried in the studio at least once.

  1. Wow sounds like some powerful energy going on in your studio. I had a really compassionate teacher like that once. It’s wonderful to feel safe to be yourself in a space with someone like in charge along with a group of nice yogis:-) I think that’s what yoga is all about in many ways. It’s why I stay away from trendy styles…I feel less depth in classes and sometimes fellow students.

  2. Definitely planetary elements…the whole month of April is chock full of them😀 Very transformational but also volatile. Did you ever try the app? How did it read you?

    • Yes I did, along with a couple of readers I believe. Guess what was the first thing I did when I got into my car?? So far every aspect today contained the word emotion, so I’d say it reads me well. I have to spend some time getting some familiarity with most of the terms being used. It will take time. Thank you again.

  3. Makes sense😎 One thing I do to explore the info further is to take the planetary position…I.e. Moon in Cancer in the third House…and Google that phrase. More explanations will come up in links from other astrologers:) Fleshes things out 😎

    • Mag will be gone until the end of June. This teacher is exactly what I need. Today she talked about things I did not want to hear but they all apply. How do they do that?

  4. So great to have a supportive community where you know you can open up and be vulnerable – that’s real sangha! Hope you’re feeling better today. xx

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