72 Degrees F

I sometimes sound like a witchdoctor trying to figure out the ingredients and the circumstances that produce a joyful practice. It is probably only an open heart &mind that is needed, but we all love a recipe/formula don’t we? Here is the latest one from me: 72 degree moderately moist weather + 14 consecutive days of mostly raw grain & dairy free vegan nutrition + an understanding that fear is to be felt NOT prevented or avoided like a bad attitude. Duh. And a little inspiration does not hurt. All over the internets there is this story of Karen Cairns from KY who started practicing at 56 years old ( I’ll be 56 in May) and just received authorization. I feel as proud of this stranger as if she was my own sister or my room mate from college, or my neighbor form back home. So grateful for her example.  It reminded me of this quote:


8 thoughts on “72 Degrees F

  1. All hail dry April, says she who had a bloody mary @ brunch with friends & is now well into some Prosecco. For me, a lightening up has occurred in the form of attitude. Add one kitten & one heart rate monitor. Look at asana not in terms of markers (the exit from X was easier or harder today; the bind in X was smooth or took some work) but in terms of bodily maintenance, exercise & “tuning”.

    It’s all good!! I hope you have a wonderful time at Confluence btw. Even without Henry I wouldn’t be going b/c of Belize. But still… Can we have some swimming pool pix this year please?

    • Bien Sur! It will be May instead of early March, so way much warmer. Also this Marriott is not the bohemian tiki palace that the other place was, so access to the pool does not involve going inside an enclosed crowded playpen. I also arrive a day early to just fool around. Disclaimer, the other place had loads of charm and the beach was across the street. Next time you handle Prosseco and it is a hot day, look up Scroppino.

  2. I prefer rain. It keeps me gentle for some reason. For me there are definitely conditions that lead to more fruitful sitting meditation sessions than others, but I used to care a little too much about conditions. Trying to create ideal conditions for meditation is what kept me from practicing daily. I was concerned that “bad” sessions would sour me on the idea of practicing, and I figured bad conditions led to bad sessions. So I ended up spending years having no practice, which is the baddest kind of all 😦

    • Ha! I mentioned your sage advice a couple of posts back, were your ears red like we say in Spanish? Creating ideal conditions is kind of a fools errand isn’t it. Stumbling on the ideal conditions once in awhile must be what they refer to as grace. I hope to soon evolve from negotiating with a non existent authority on when is the best time to do my yoga practice and my sitting practice. It is in the morning before it get crazy obviously, and It gets done, but I could sure do without the attitude of an eight year old negotiating their bedtime curfew.

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