5759d875e384ae2f72ea3b0b3663e889Gotta say, after ten days of fasting, you do not miss a bind (at least the ones you had and lost at some point). My first day at the shala was yesterday and it was one of those where you hiss:”yessss” in your head, plus a couple of “oh wows”. All in all very enjoyable. It sort of really is of the essence to create some space for asana with assistance from your eating routine. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to retake this lesson. As many as necessary. I guess. Needless to say I danced into led today looking forward to some more of the feels great but guess what: After UP B I was so dizzy, lightheaded, and shaky that I had to sit down. Some sort of electrolyte imbalance after resuming soup? Who knows. I did some sort of closing and laid down for rest, and promptly fell asleep. Asleep like I heard Janu A and I was startled to realize I was not home. Still, I did not get up, because I did not have the energy to do so and those few minutes were one of the best naps I’ve ever had. I sat up and watched a little and then packed my mess and headed home. More humble on Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Space

  1. Funny, whenever I get that I’m going to kick asana today mode…I never meet my expectations…hence the non attachment right? Lol. I’m jealous of your nap too!

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