I’m Home But Have Not Arrived

I got back on the Sunday night red eye from Vancouver. Go to Vancouver if you love flowers, beaches, parks, snow capped mountains, all in the same shot. And food. All food except for bread and coffee.You now I did my research and if I am wrong please let me know where to go next time. I have been away for ten days and of course I did my yoga in San Diego. Did a nice self practice outside in a beautiful garden in LA then got to Vancouver and it was a Moon day thank goodness. That day I went for a walk do some advanced recon to find a shala on Burrard & 10th Ave. Could not get through the front door of the building so decided to continue on to Babylon yoga on 4th Ave. in Kitsilano. It looked so close on the map  but it was 12 miles(I have an app for that). No one there either and I found out they would not be available for Mysore because they were hosting a  3 day workshop with Ron Reid. Had to call my friend to ask how to grab a bus ride back to my hotel because I was not going to make it by foot (24 miles in a day? NFW without someone’s survival at stake) Very sore the next morning but so glad to see the husband and take him around Stanley park which my friend and her husband to be had driven me through. Another 8 mile miscalculation. Now I have blisters. Ruined all chances for dancing at their wedding. The up side is that we became members of Zipcar and continued our nature tour by driving to Capilano and other pretty spots around town. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend I have not seen since we were 19 years old, and today my in-laws decided to surprise my niece who is graduating from FIT tomorrow by staying at my house and surprise her at the ceremony tomorrow!? No heads up. I will somehow get my ass to Ridgefield tomorrow, because like I told my teacher I am running on fumes, and I have to confess to her that I blubbered something stupid to her teacher at the Confluence because we all act like star struck tongue tied teenagers around these folks, ugh. I’ll confess here after I confess to her.

4 thoughts on “I’m Home But Have Not Arrived

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Vancouver is one of my bucket list cities – I’ve loved it ever since seeing that 80’s film “Cousins” (shot in Vancouver and the environs…gorgeous) with Isabella Rosselini and Ted Danson (you know, there was some chemistry between them, believe it or not, but it was mostly Ms. Rosselini – she could have good chemistry with a potato.) It’s on Netflix if you’re interested in seeing Vancouver of 20 years ago!)

    Missed you out here, though. Glad you’re back, safe and sound.

    (btw, I also blabbed something silly to her teacher at the first Confluence, so don’t feel bad, I think he’s probably used to it. Yes, star struck. Going to study for two weeks with him in less than a month. Maybe I’ll be less star struck with closer proximity? We shall see!)

    • With a potato!! Yes, Isabella Rossellini is charisma defined. You always have fantastic book and film recommendations. I would move to Vancouver in a heartbeat but it is as- if not more expensive than NYC. and like I said, they have a bread and coffee problem which I cannot figure out.

  2. If I had known you were going to Vancouver I would have suggested Chopra yoga downtown.. I know they are corporate but at least the place is easier to find and Greg Nardi is fabulous no matter where he works at. AYV is fabulous but like you said, really hard to find.

    Coffee places.. JJ Beans, Trees Organic Coffee, Caffe Artigiano. You’re correct we’re not known for our bread. It’s pretty sad I live in Europe but I miss coffee shops and food places back home. All the European countries with great coffee and food also have few science jobs (or jobs in general) and higher crime rates. Otherwise I would definitely be working in Greece or Italy right now. 😛

    • What?? Greg Nardi lives in Vancouver? Oh Y, I totally spaced out the fact that I knew a cyberyoga local! I’ll be in Barcelona next month and there is a shala right in the building where my kids are staying, come on down, yoga food & coffee. 😀

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