On My Mind

I just figured out a way to jot down things that I am wondering about but do not feel like writing an entire post ( in my case 8 sentences or so) about.

I decided to ditch the India/Saraswati idea for October after reading about “How rape is sometimes right” courtesy of  State Minister Babulal Gaur. I just don’t feel like encouraging the tourist/visitor industry to think that: -they will come anyway after this all blows off. I saw a photo of those two girls hanging from a tree. There, I said it. Yes, I understand that India is a huge country and Bangalore/Mysore is not the same as other places but this is the only way I can think of protesting the status quo and expressing solidarity.

#WAWADIA. In Canada there is an outgoing discussion about yoga and injury- What Are We Actually Doing In Asana. There is a clip on youtube with a fraction of the conversation. Matthew Remski shared a bit of it on Facebook. I know  that having a body for a home requires some housekeeping/maintenance, but I never imagined that what I thought was the housekeeping part required maintenance too???!! This is definitely a first world problem, and yes I realize that I am not giving this topic the depth or width it deserves when we speak of  practitioners whose life calling and livelihood are linked to the teaching and demonstration of asana.

Finally, quick question: I bought a travel rug to take on a long vacation. If any of you use one, how wet do you have to get this thing for it not to move around? I am assuming all shalas have spray bottles? Because if I have to carry my own, this purchase was pretty stupid, huh?



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