No Touching

Because I was very slow to diagnose what has been a progressing case of poison ivy. Thank goodness because the first few blotches looked like bug bites and the paranoia in my head was saying that I brought them in from my last stay in the city. I  sort of figured it out when my skin started to burn like hell when I started to sweat during practice and I had to close soon after starting seated. On the way out I showed some friends who helpfully told me it was poison ivy and to go get something called Tecnu. Tecnu smells vile, poison ivy is contagious, and I look like I’ve been bitten by bed bugs, so this is no way to show yourself in public.  Thankfully I received no adjustments so nobody touched this mess. So home practice it is. I’m hoping that I I will be able to stop by on Friday before I leave for Europe that evening.Iit will be my last practice at the shala until September!

7 thoughts on “No Touching

  1. OMG – you’re going to Europe ALL SUMMER??? I’m sorry but this has completely overtaken the poison ivy! But I’m sure you can medicate it out of existence by Fri.

      • As well you should! I’m celebrating my 47th anniversary of being solo this year, lol. It’s too late for me. I’m far gone on the feral side & both completely cynical & idealistic at the same time. But this is ok because i know exactly what I like for presents.

  2. Ouch! Feel better. I hope it doesn’t spread too much! If you have any castille soap, use it to rid the ushrol oil off your body after the tecnu..a few drops of lavender oil can halt it from getting infected as well..
    Anyway, have an amazing time away! Enjoy your travels💜

  3. Just found your blog…how wonderful! Looking forward to going backwards reading it and of course, anything new you post😃

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