My right shoulder hurts loudly. It starts at the back of my right shoulder and it travels all the way down to my index finger and thumb. I have self diagnosed it as a yoga slash computer injury. I am assigning equal blame to my heavy yoga bag (I loveyouhateyou Manduka) and the mouse on the Macbook pro.  Why do I bring this up? Because it is not horrible and it is also not great to whine. But whining or talking about aches and pains is not a huge yoga problem.  And here I is where I for the first time ever (hopefully only once) share a Facebook comment I made on a post sharing a blogpost which title is Yoga Is Not Hard.

Learning IS Hard. Once you figure out how to move your body to the boundary of NO injury it becomes easier. But learning how is hard. You can enjoy or you can abhor the effort. but you have to make an effort to learn something you do not already know. Whining about your wrist or your hip, or your back, is just shop talk. Tennis pros and golf pros do it to shoot the breeze, grandpas at the barbershop complain about aches and pains. HS athletes complain/brag about what hurts. Humans Kibbitz like that sometimes, it’s not the greatest topic but it is not unforgivable either.

I am going to say it is okay to complain about a sore shouder the day before I am going to Sharath’s Led Primary and two days before my Louise Ellis workshop. Repetitive movements like walking and driving and keyboard typing make you sore, just like yoga.

4 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Rotator cuffs huh? One of my college room mates had these terrifying scars from rotator cuff surgery (HS Gymnast) He looked like a bashed gladiator without his shirt. You know I don’t have the work ethic to supplement my morning practice with additional “research”. I’ll just take a salt bath, rub arnica, drag the bag instead of hoisting it on my shoulder, and type like a dyslexic with my left hand.

  2. Hope it feels better quickly! It may be opening up in backbending…therefore getting better…I’ve only recently had the mind shift of enjoying the challenge again, like a beginner, looking for the sweet spots:-) I will be doing led with Sharath too! Hope to see you there, I’m in the later session. I heard it gets cold in the Y…might need to start off with long sleeves.

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